Limit the time of the FIFA presidency


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  • date posted:
  • June 5th, 2012
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Description of this idea

Sepp Blatter has been already reigning at the FIFA for 14 years now, isn't it time to set a maximum time for a presidency?

Inspiration for this idea

Take a look at Sepp Blatter, he has been the big boss of the FIFA for how long now? I can tell you, it's 14 years already!
Combine that knowledge and the fact that there have been many, many situations where corruption, abuse of power, strange decisions and traces of dictatorship have emerged.
Aside from these, it delays any kind of innovation, and freshness in the decision making.
Take a look at his Wikipedia page, and you see a lot of these criticisms:

My proposal would be to limit the maximum amount of the FIFA presidency to 3 years. Then it is up to someone else to be chosen by a fair and democratic voting process.
After another 3 years, the former president can apply again. Fair enough.


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