WeWantOurFootballBack is the crowd think-tank for changing football

Football. The Beautiful Game. Originating in 1863, the sport has evolved and developed; becoming the modern spectacle that we all know and love today, with fans throughout the world. From the wealthiest clubs and players down to the poorest fans, Football holds a special place in many hearts.

Our love of Football is why we started this website. We believe that Football, although still beautiful, has lost some of the honesty of it’s humble beginnings. The current era has seen an increase in cheating, arrogance and lack of respect, which we wish to eradicate.

Change is necessary to keep the game alive for all the fans, and this is the site where you can share your ideas, which will benefit the sport. Post any thoughts you have, and should it receive enough positive votes, we will forward the proposal(s) to the governing bodies in local and world football.

Football is the most popular sport in the world; let’s work together to ensure we all continue to fall in love with it a little bit more every weekend.